Friday, January 17, 2014

All Paid NBA Team - The Highest Paid Players in NBA History posts annual salary information for virtually all players from 1985 onwards. Using this data and adjusting for inflation, I present the All Paid NBA Team - the Highest Paid Players in NBA History.

I sorted the data by total salary over a player's career (adjusting each year's salary to 2013 dollars) and then limited each team to two forwards, two guards and a center.

PlayerLifetime Salary (2013 Dollars)Avg. Salary / Season (2013 Dollars)
Kevin Garnett$377,681,020$19,877,950
Shaquille O'Neal$372,171,390$19,587,970
Kobe Bryant$316,812,330$17,600,690
Tim Duncan$259,393,910$15,258,470
Jason Kidd$227,308,130$11,963,590

I made a post about this data on Reddit, including 2nd and 3rd All Paid NBA Teams.

Note that annual salaries adjusted to 2013 dollars using the BLS's All Urban Consumers CPI database and that dollar figures are for NBA player salaries only and do not count endorsements or other forms of income.

Also, keep in mind that three of the above players - Garnett, Kobe and Timmy - are still playing and getting paid!

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